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Is there such a thing as an affordable EV?

Yes! There is. We profile the best 10 cars for those who want to drive green, but also keep some in their pocket

Plug It In

Best electric cars to buy 2022

As car companies aim to outdo each other on range, power and gadgets, the choice of EVs can be overwhelming. We’ve wrapped up the best of those launching this year

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Thomas Heatherwick: ‘My electric car actually cleans the air’

The man behind London’s new Routemaster buses has designed an electric vehicle featuring Star Trek-style doors, passengers sitting around a table and air-cleaning technology. Stephen Armstrong meets him

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Sam Bird: ‘We’ve reached the ceiling with fossil fuel cars’

Former Formula 1 driver Sam Bird has been driving Jaguar TCS in the Formula E (electric) world championships since 2014. He says proper petrolheads like him should be excited by electric

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London must lead electric vehicle charge

Capital tops 10,000 vehicle charge points, but thousands more needed

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