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Angel Shaw

Angel is a senior list writer at Screen Rant, specializing in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and other book-to-screen content. She holds a bachelor's degree in language interpreting and is passionate about all things culture, linguistics, and communication. She is deeply in love with any form of storytelling, whether it be books, movies, TV Shows, or video games. She loves diving deep into lore (the more complex, the better) and finding the hidden meaning behind a character’s smallest actions. Even more than that, Angel loves sharing her finds with anyone who is willing to listen, which makes Screen Rant the perfect place for her. Currently, Angel lives in Michigan with her husband, three sons, two cats, and a rambunctious dog. In her free time, she can typically be found binge-watching comfort shows, hanging out with her guild of nerdy friends, playing any Zelda game, or teaching her kids about the fantastical worlds of fiction.

Articles Published : 269

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