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Drew Mollo

Drew is a writer, reader, artist and creative professional from Westchester, New York. Besides comics, he dabbles into cosplay, movie references, podcasts, and some anime while also being a Ghostbuster. He has a Bachelors in History, a Masters in Publishing and has had work featured on Iron Age Comics, Comic Book Resources and even referenced on Wikipedia a few times. He is thrilled to still be working with Screen Rant Comics and hopes one day to be one of the world authorities about the Ultimate Universe, Ghostbusters, and other various niches of the comic book world. He lives in Westchester with his beloved girlfriend Angelique and their two chinchillas, Megamin and Sadie. He is constantly working on multiple projects all at once and apologizes ahead of time if he looks exhausted or doesn’t remember your name immediately, its not personal and he still hopes you have a great day regardless.

Articles Published : 640

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