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Suzana Mihurko

Suzana Mihurko is a newer addition to the entertainment journalism industry, joining Screen Rant Lists in December 2021. She is passionate about topics ranging from TV shows, movies, and occasionally reality TV shows. She has a Master's degree in Translation and Interpretation. As a translation student, Suzana was lucky to attend some great writing classes, as writing has always been a favorite outlet. She is currently working a full-time job at a bookstore, is working on getting her Ph.D., and likes to write lists about her favorite topics in her free time. When she is doing neither of those things, you can catch her playing with her cat and dog, reading, or singing along (even though poorly) to Taylor Swift songs.

Articles Published : 82

10 Best Female-Led Legal Dramas

Female-led legal dramas have been spiking in popularity in the last years, especially with the success of shows like How To Get Away With Murder.

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